Credit Repair Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to send my credit bureau to you?
That's the only way that we can see what is updated on your credit bureau report. Otherwise we can't tell what's transpired with your report. You must send in your credit bureau reports if you want us to help you.

How long does it take to restore my credit?
The amount of time it takes is different for every circumstance. When you send me a deposit you will get a letter from me within three days. You should get your Experian, TransUnion and Equifax report in about a week.

What if I don't hear from the credit bureau?
If two weeks go by and you don't hear anything from the credit bureau please contact me. Sometimes the credit bureaus don't get your letter request, and sometimes they just want to ignore you.

How often should I expect to get mail from the credit bureaus?
You should expect to get an updated credit report about every two to three weeks.

What should I do with the credit report mail I get credit bureaus?
Make copies, then send it to me via mail.

What if some of the credit collectors call me?
Ask them for a toll free number to the collection agencies customer service department. Ask the collection agency's customer service representative to give you a copy of the contract that you signed with their collection agency stating that you owe the collection agency the demanded funds. The collection agency can't collect from you if you don't have a signed contract with the collection agency.

What can you take off of my credit bureau report?
I can take off any and all inaccurate accounts like inquiries, adresses, names, unpaid collections, charge-offs, repossessions, chapter thirteen, chapter 11's, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, old addresses, all names but one, judgments, and divorce debt.

What can you not take off my credit bureau report?
Federal tax liens, State tax liens, child support, and new student loans, bankruptcies reported by the bankruptcy court.

Will the items that are removed from my credit bureau reports ever come back?

If I pay the whole amount of the credit restoration service, can I get special attention, or will you work faster on my files?
No, I treat everybody the same. I work as hard for one as I do for the other. If you get behind on your payments, your file will go into a dead file, and will stay there until your account is up to date.

Can I repair my credit myself for free?
Yes. The library has a lot of free information.

What is a credit service?
A credit service is a company that the seller (credit issuer) goes to, to have a three-way merge credit bureau file pulled. The information that these credit services pull is always out of date because it comes from an older database. It is important to show credit issuers the real credit bureau documentation from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

Do you ever do charity work?
Yes. We have previously helped single women with children hurt from divorce or the parents of children when the other parent is incarcerated. We have also offered our services to handicapped/disabled individuals.

What are the risks I will be taking with repairing my credit? Will the credit bureaus penalize me?
There are NO risks. The only thing that will happen is that I will make your credit bureau report better for you.

Can I fax my credit bureau report to you?
NO. Never fax a credit bureau report. A faxed credit bureau never faxes properly. It's best to mail it to us.

What if I fall short and cannot make my payments to you?
Just send me a note stating that you have fallen on hard times, and what you can do to pick back up. I will work with you.

Why do we stay with you for life?
In order to keep your credit scores high, we will maintain your file, scanning for negative or inaccurate information even after we have initially repaired your credit.

Do credit cards affect your credit score?
Yes! Credit cards are a major component of the overall credit score. In fact, they account for 30% of your credit score.

Write or E-mail us to let us know how we are doing. Thank you. Lee Harrison

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