About Lee Harrison and the Credit Repair Business

Lee Harrison Credit Restoration has been in the credit repair business for the past 27 years.

We are a credit repair business. Our only business is helping people repair and restore their credit. We are fully licensed and bonded and registered with the state of Texas.

Most people aren't aware that they are able to repair their credit. We educate our clients about the benefits to repairing and restoring their credit, help them repair their credit, and stay with them for life to make sure that they maintain a good rating.

With a good credit record, our clients have found:

  1. New financial and personal freedom
  2. Improved family relationships
  3. Happier, less stressful lives

When you begin working with Lee Harrison Credit Restoration, you are entering into a relationship. Our foundation of trust is built on 27 years of performance, satisfied clients, and effectiveness repairing credit.

Our process is quick, simple and effective.

The quickest way to get your credit repaired is go online and pull your reports from www.experian.com/yourcredit and www.transunion.com and mail them to me, or attach them and email them. There will be a cost for the online reports but you will speed up the process by 50%.

To get your credit scores from Experian you can also call toll-free 1.888.322.5583.

All answers from the credit agencies will come to your address. You make copies for your records, then send them to me. If you do not hear from any of these agencies after a two week period, let me know.

We are a specialist credit repair business! We obtain your files from Experian, Trans Union, Equifax, and CSC. Any file that contains inaccurate, or negative information is marked, and then it will be removed. Slow pays are disputed as inaccurate information. All inquiries, old names, and addresses are removed. It takes an average of 60 days to start to see results with your credit.

I will stay with you for life after I have cleared your credit files to catch any other bad files that might show up. All Credit Bureaus will be cleaned up.

IMPORTANT GUARANTEE!: We will completely refund all of your money if we do not delete any information that is inaccurate.

Using our credit repair service WILL SAVE YOU many headaches and dollars in the future! We will do all this for one price, and stay with you for life.

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The Credit Bureaus are the agencies that lenders go to, to learn how your credit is. The Credit Bureaus do not put information there for free. They get paid. This is why the credit bureaus will not remove the files. BUT, the business that reported the items CAN take them off. The credit bureaus protect this agency. We go to the Reporting Agencies and demand they show proof that what they are reporting is Accurate. They have to show signed contracts by law. We demand to see the signed contracts.

Fair Credit Reporting Act 1971-revised 1997. They must show proof where it is totally accurate. If not, the file must come off. The F.C.R. states - "It does not matter if the debt is yours or not. It must be accurate. Your file can be right, and not accurate."

Download a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

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